Wimao manufactures biocomposite products using a patented extrusion-pressing technology. Thanks to its diversified possibilities for design, the technology is applicable in various industries, such as automotive, construction, packing and electrical industries.

The method can be used almost without limit, only large 3D products are challenging. These products can replace existing products or components made of plastic, wood, or metal. The properties can be tailored by modifying the raw material mix and mixing ratio.

Extrusion-pressing technology has a number of advantages compared to competing technologies. Environmental friendliness and cost-efficiency, from low tool costs to product manufacturing, are our benefits. Our process enables a high fibre content in the end product. Thanks to this, raw material costs can be minimised and product properties can be adapted in many ways.

The benefits of our manufacturing process are:

  • high energy efficiency (up to -60% compared with pulp moulding)
  • low tool costs (up to -80% compared with injection moulding)
  • low carbon and water footprint (no need for water)
  • low-pollution process
  • effective utilisation of recycled materials
  • high fibre content
  • high hygiene thanks to the high temperature used in the process
  • low energy consumption

Extrusion-pressing technology is a low polluting and cost effective method for biocomposite production.