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All Plastics Are Meant to Be Recycled

All Plastics Are Meant to Be Recycled

Wimao Recycling Process Technology gives a second life to challenging plastic waste streams in the form of new ecological plastic or composite products. This new material has the same properties as the billions of cubic metres of products manufactured every year from virgin materials.

Patented recycling technology is capable of recycling all plastic types. These hard-to-recycle materials can be transformed into ecological composite, a superb raw material for new high-quality products.

  • More than 90% of plastic waste currently goes unrecycled and ends up in landfills or incineration, rivers and seas.
  • Wimao Recycling Process Technology can be used to recycle waste fractions that otherwise end up in incineration or landfills and currently have no viable recycling solutions.
  • Wimao Recycling Process Technology facilitates sorting and pre-processing, can recycle miscellaneous plastics, and there is no need to distinguish between different plastic grades.
  • Cost-effective process from waste to finished product.
  • Potential to manufacture a myriad of different products for different industries. Demand for end products = opportunity to recycle large quantities of material.
  • Opportunity to make ecological products with competitive pricing.
  • The technology is flexible and can process different raw materials.

Ecological alternative

Ecological composite and plastic products can replace products and components made from plastic, wood, metal, glass fibre, even rock and concrete.

Profitable business

  • Full process from waste to product
  • Good for the environment, good for the balance sheet

Possibilities for co-operation

1. Tailored technology deliveries

Customer purchases the Wimao Technology and will receive a highly automated process plant with the necessary capacity to recycle plastic waste (and possibly other materials) into high-quality composite and/or plastic products. Customer operates the plant independently. Wimao may assist in sales of the output by providing a ready product and assisting in sales through its global sales and partner network.

2. Partnership model

Customer is a part of the investment through a joint venture model. Daily operations and production are managed together by a separate organization. Wimao can assist in the product sales through its global sales and partner network.

3. Wimao Recycling Service

Recycling as a service. Wimao handles the whole process upon an agreed price / waste tonne. Customer does not invest in the process plant nor operations. Designated location and facilities near the waste streams are discussed case by case, and Wimao and its partner network will take care of the rest.